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Welcome To Botanicalia

Karen Robey takes botanical art to another level by allowing herself to intuitively draw the plant world with a feeling of flow and expressiveness. Botanicalia is the name of this series of works and it expresses the coalescence of the feminine and nature. Within this series are open sub-series including:

Botanicalia Animals — Botanical animal drawings depict the wonderful diversity of animals in their natural environment.
Botanicalia Figures — Look beyond the images and create an untold story with the mesmerizing artwork of botanical figures.
Botanicalia Insects — Discover the beautiful and scientifically important art of botanical icalia insects through these custom drawings.

Botanical art is often judged for its scientific accuracy, form, and design. Karen's approach with this art form allows freedom, flow, and imagination to be explored.

Her passion and dedication for applying her own personal interpretation on every subject that she desires to draw can be seen in the exquisite details of line, hints of color, and touches of gold and glitter. The latter of which adds an illuminating quality to each work. The artwork becomes a window into seeing a world of beauty, peace, and wonderment.

Karen Robey's Botanical art can serve as a very unique focal point in your home or business. When in the Capitola, CA area, please come and enjoy her work in person for a unique artistic experience.


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